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  • What is a hemorrhoid?
    Abnormal enlargement of the hemorrhoidal veins of the anal mucosa.
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  • What is anal fistula?
    Anal fistula often occurs after natural drainage or abscess rupture. anal fistula more →
  • What is an anal fissure?
    Anal fissure refers to the state of the sphincter, which becomes a bottleneck, resulting in
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  • ■ What is a hernia?
    Herniated bowel in Korean means "gut protrusion" in English is called a hernia.

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  • ■ View intestinal hernia
    Depending on the location of education distinguish the groin (there is a noticeable protrusion of peritoneum
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  • ■ colonoscopy
    Colonoscopy is performed using a flexible endoscope with a camera on the end that is inserted through the anus
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